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[focus_image_nd title=”GARDENING” image=”916″ text=”Dealing with gardening has a number of benefits that positively affect the health and mood according to numerous studies published in the last 10 years” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”INTERACTING WITH ANIMALS” image=”1183″ text=”Being able to touch and watch the animals helps people to learn about agriculture and encourages the human-animal bond” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”SCIENCE AND ART” image=”1189″ text=”Artists, scientists and others achieve great results in a pleasant environment of our camp, that gives them inspiration and impetus for progress” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”CANOEING” image=”1248″ text=”Placing the paddle in the water and performing a good stroke is enjoyable. Watching your boat move through the water by your own effort is enjoyable. Spending a few hours under the sky, on the water, watching the colors of the blues, the greens, the grays, and the browns is enjoyable.” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”OUTDOOR SWIMMING” image=”1250″ text=”Near the camp is a river Orahovšica suitable for swimming and we can also arrange tours for swimmers on Skadar Lake and the Adriatic Sea” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”FISHING” image=”1253″ text=”With a mix of physical activity, relaxation, fresh air, tranquility, sunshine and the feeling of fulfillment when catching a fish, you will achieve a sounder and healthier mind and body after your fishing tour” link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”VEGETABLES AND FRUITS” image=”1209″ link=”|title:Learn%20More|”]
[focus_image_nd title=”HERBS AND TEAS” image=”1215″ link=”|title:Learn%20More|” text=”Made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots steeped in hot water, herbal teas have lower concentrations of antioxidants than green, white, black, and oolong teas”]
[focus_image_nd title=”ANIMAL PRODUCTS” image=”1212″ link=”|title:Learn%20More|” text=”Duck, quail, domestic chicken, goat, and their eggs and milk products are among the healthiest animal products”]
[focus_image_nd title=”FROM FARM-TO-TABLE” image=”1221″ link=”|title:Learn%20More|” text=”In a small two-storey house which is made of natural materials, visitors can enjoy meals created by a combination of traditional and modern culinary recipes”]
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