OK Koral is an organic farm with space for camping, where we combine the needs of the  modern man for healthy food, pure nature and active approach to leisure time.


We grow, process and prepare food that is 100% organic, in accordance with best international farm-to-table practices and experience. It is a mix of traditional and modern creative recipes.


Duck, quail, domestic chicken, goat, and their eggs and milk products are among the healthiest animal products. In addition to having a great effect on the health of these types of meat and meat products are a kind of culinary specialties.


Garden with dozens of species of plants including vegetables, fruits, herbs and teas will satisfy the most demanding lovers of vegetarian and vegan food.


OK Koral has a townscape, which functions as a mini ecosystem whose role is to serve as a powerful tool for achieving a balance between human needs for food, health, entertainment, culture and social interaction.


You can actively participate in the development of our ecosystems and improve your life skills. We can provide a range of activities such as cycling, hiking and horseback riding. Near the camp is a river Orahovšica suitable for swimming and fishing. We also organize mini-tours to the nearby popular sites. The special value is the proximity of Skadar Lake, so visitors can tour the lake, rent a kayak and sail the lake.

We are a small organic rural settlement in development which is formed by symbiosis of people, plants and animals. We’re looking for a balance between the needs of all elements of the whole and fulfilling those needs.


Our ecosystem is established as an open-air club to modern man, so the club members can gain insight into their essential needs, find a way to meet them, and strive to maintain a balance with nature.


Man is not only part of nature but it also has another dimension in itself and implements them into nature. Therefore, in a small ecosystem we are trying to practice and learn to understand what nature demands of us and what it means to us, and how we can be conformed to her today when modern man is far away from the natural way of life.


We do not exclude technology, science or culture, but we believe that all human progress is in fact a reflection of the need to locate lost. And the first imbalance was precisely the loss of awareness of the extent and the basic aspirations of man whose fulfillment makes it essentially happy.


It is therefore very important that we have a small space in which we look for all the elements of our lives and learn from nature, ie. in nature. We try to make most of the food we produce ourselves, in our farm – for our purposes but also for the wider community. We ask how this measure, community ought to be.

OK Koral is a micro site in the National Park Skadar Lake. Due to the proximity of the lake and the sea, the climate is pleasant in the summer months.


This place is ideal for photographers and ornithologists due to the specific nature and rich flora and fauna.


We welcome everyone who needs a place for inspiration, a training ground for creative work like international travelers, nature lovers, environmentalists, adventurers, researchers and all those who would even briefly returned to nature.

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