Improving the ecosystem

Modern man has removed himself from nature and forgot how to live in accordance with natural laws.


Visitors to our camp have the possibility of active rest, one of the activities we strongly recommend to improve the ecosystem.


By participating in the development of our club you have the chance to learn the basics of gardening, livestock tending, but also in cooperation with the camp to create scientific, cultural and social events.


Within the camp there is a stage which we call mini theater where you can perform scientific, cultural, and social events.

Within our team there are several gardens where we grow dozens of plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs and teas. Strengthening the agricultural part of the ecosystem by helping our staff in the cultivation of plants, such as irrigation, harvesting and other items have a number of benefits for the health and mood of people.

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In our camp there are a large number of domestic animals grow. Interacting with animals, aiding in their cultivation, such as feeding, etc. are some of the activities that have significant benefits according to the opinion of scientists around the world.

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Visitors of the outdoor club OK Koral have the ability to comply with their interests influence the creation of social and cultural life of our camp. Whether it is a scientific, social or cultural issues we are open for cooperation and assistance in the organization of specific performance.

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