Local wineries

Thanks to the good cooperation with the local community, a part of the activities within the club OK Koral are specific tours such as visits to local wineries.


This is one of the most popular and fun activities in the opinion of our esteemed guests. Local wineries produce wine according to traditional recipes of the old masters. It is a tradition that locals pass down from generation to generation, a quality wine produced one of the top European non-industrial supply. Except that, in the context of tours introduce guests to traditional methods of wine production, visitors have the opportunity to taste wines and also from first hand to assure their quality.


The increase in demand for products from local wineries is growing steadily on a global level, especially in developed countries. One of the most striking example comes from Canada.

Half (49 percent) of Canadian wine drinkers agree they prefer to support Canadian wines, whether national or regional. What’s more, three in ten consumers (30 percent) agree that smaller wineries typically produce better quality wines.

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